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Yupi the Polar Bear Update

9 May 2012

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Following our previous news story regarding Yupi, the polar bear kept in Morelia Zoo in Mexico, there has been a lot of activity.  Our petition alone managed to gather over 76,000 signatures, so a huge thank you to everyone who added their name.

CATCA, Zoocheck Canada, Born Free Foundation, Born Free USA, Animanaturalis Mexico, Comarino and dozens of other Mexican and International animal welfare NGO’s and the Mexican Green Party, are all part of the Save Yupi International Coalition.

Ericka Ceballos, President of Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals (CATCA) representing the Save Yupi Coalition and the General Secretary of the Mexican Green Party, delivered over 82,000 signatures, petitions, letters and e-mails to the Zoo director after a press conference in Morelia last week.

The new Director of Morelia Zoo seems open to discussions regarding Yupi’s welfare and has recently introduced some environmental enrichment to her enclosure.  However, it is clear that Mexico is no place for a polar bear - full stop! Talks regarding rehoming Yupi are still on-going and we are working to ensure that the full range of options are explored.

To find out how you can help by raising your concerns about Yupi’s plight please visit the letter writing page of our website here.

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