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Complaints Form

NB If you have photos or have collected printed information, please send it/them to:

Zoo Check
3 Grove House
Foundry Lane
W.Sussex RH13 5PL

With a covering note giving your name and details.

Or email to

Useful information you can provide us in your report

  • What animals are involved and approximately how many? 
  • What physical condition are the animals in?
  • Do the animals display any abnormal behaviour? (e.g. pacing, swaying, bar biting, neck twisting, self-mutilation)
  • Please provide a description, and if possible an estimate in size, of the animal’s enclosure for each animal reported on (e.g. concrete floored, metal bars, glass fronted, the type of substrate, was there any enrichment for the animals)
  • Please describe the attraction in general.  Can you give an estimate of the area of the zoo or facility?
  • Approximately how many species overall are at the zoo or facility?
  • Who are the main visitors?  (e.g. Tourists, local people etc)
  • How is the zoo/attraction promoted?  (e.g. Through hotels, tourist boards, holiday reps, local businesses etc)
  • Did you take any photographs or collect any literature/pamphlets?

Data Protection statement
The personal information (address/email address) provided by signatories will be used solely for the purpose of authentication and verification of identity. It will not be used for any other purpose unless you have indicated further contact. It will not be shared with third parties for any purpose whatsoever. This statement is not a legal document.

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