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Travellers' Animal Alert

The Born Free Foundation’s Travellers’ Animal Alert initiative provides a way for holiday-makers to raise their concerns by sending in reports and photos of animal suffering.  Animal Alert investigates neglect, fights cruelty and works with tour operators, travel companies, foreign governments and other organisations to take positive action and help improve animals’ lives.

TAKE ACTION - You can help by sending us your reports

Have you seen animals in poor conditions in a zoo, or abused in a circus or dolphinaria?  Did you experience bad practice during a wildlife safari or viewing excursion?  Are you concerned about animals being used as photographic props? Born Free wants to hear from YOU and together we can make a difference!

If you are about to visit a zoo, circus etc. download our checklist - PDF 46KB


Each report received by the Born Free Foundation is reviewed by our dedicated team and logged onto our database to be used for further analysis. 

Dependent upon the detail provided in the report, Born Free will write to the relevant authorities and/or the captive establishment to raise concerns and urge action. 

Based on the reports we receive, we are also able to identify ‘hot spots’ and can focus targeted campaign activities on the most urgent areas.

Born Free regularly receives calls for help in regard to captive animals in need. Sadly, there are many more animals in need of rescue than there are sanctuary spaces worldwide - it is therefore vital we use precious sanctuary spaces not only to rescue animals in need, but also to highlight the problems facing captive wildlife (e.g. Private ownership, trade, substandard zoos etc.). Please view this flowchart which outlines the type of considerations Born Free makes when we receive information about animals in need from our supporters. 

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