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In 2012, the Westminster Government made a commitment to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses before the end of 2015. The end of 2015 came and went, the end of 2016 came a went and yet still no action has been taken. Perhaps tellingly, and despite repeated promises over a period of five years, in the Conservative Party’s most recent manifesto, the promise to ban circuses was notably absent. Following the 2017 snap General Election, it is no longer clear whether or not the Government intends to honour its promise, however a comment made by Environment Minister, Michael Gove, during a speech on 21st July, 2017,  which was subsequently published on the Government’s website, gave us some hope that the issue remains on the Government’s agenda.

Mr Gove stated that he intended to “move on animal circuses”. The Born Free team has contacted Mr Gove to request clarification on his position on the matter and to request that he ensure that a timetable for implementation of the ban is put in place urgently.

What you can do

The Born Free Foundation is now calling upon all supporters to take a few moments to write to Michael Gove MP to reiterate the need for clarity of the current Government’s position on wild animals in circuses and to encourage him to introduce the ban immediately:

You might like to highlight the following points in your letter or email but do feel free to add your own thoughts too:

  • The Government made a commitment in March 2012 to bring in a ban on wild animals in travelling circuses in England and repeatedly confirmed its commitment since then. In the newest Conservative manifesto, the promise of a ban had been omitted. We, the public, will continue to hold the government to its promise until the ban is in place.
  • Draft legislation to ban has already been introduced in Parliament. This legislation is not considered to be controversial, has the overwhelming support of Parliamentarians, and could progress quickly through Parliament.
  • There is strong public support for a ban which would be a quick and easy "win" for this Government.
  • Scotland is now leading the way in the UK, having moved from public consultation to introducing the draft bill into the parliamentary process in little more than three years. The consultation process in Westminster began four years prior to Scotland’s consideration and still no ban is in place.
  • Leading animal protection organisations including the Born Free Foundation, RSPCA, the Captive Animals' Protection Society, and the British Veterinary Association are all agreed that a ban is long overdue.

Template letter:

Dear Mr Gove,

In a speech given at the WWF headquarters, and subsequently published on the Government’s website, you made the commitment to “move on animal circuses”. As a supporter of the Born Free foundation, I was disappointed when the Conservative party omitted its promise made in its 2015 manifesto to ban wild animals in circuses from its more recent 2017 manifesto. Your comment during the speech mentioned above gave me some hope that the promise made initially in 2012 by the then DEFRA Minister, Lord Taylor, may be fulfilled by your department during your current term.

As you will be aware, the legislation for a ban has been in draft form for over three years and has the support of all major animal welfare organisations, the British Veterinary Association, many parliamentarians and 95% of the general public.

I implore you to use your current position as DEFRA Minister to ensure that the long-overdue ban is introduced without any further delay, in the interests of the animals and in recognition of the will of the British public.

With best regards,

Yours Sincerely,


You can send your email to:

Michael Gove MP, DEFRA Minister


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