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Terraristika pet market, Germany. Copyright Animal Public
Photo taken pre-rescue. (C) PIFAS

Members of the European Parliament and the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) have asked the policymakers in each European country and the European Commission, to assess the possibility to ban the use of wild-caught animals for the pet trade. The European coalition, ENDCAP (Born Free is a member), is keen to demonstrate the public support for a ban.

If you believe that wild-caught animals, such as reptiles and primates, from the rainforests, savannah and seas of Africa, Asia and South America should not be imported and kept as pets in Europe, please sign the petition below.

We need to demonstrate that there is support from European Citizens to end the trade in and keeping of wild-caught animals as pets.

Additionally, please do not have your photo taken with exotic or endangered wildlife including chimps. 

NB In order for the EU Parliament to officially accept your signature we do need your Date of Birth

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