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Size is NOT everything – Blue World offers little relief for orcas

The general public is invited to provide further feedback on SeaWorld’s plans to increase tank size of captive killer whales.

The California Coastal Commission has decided to extend the public consultation period on the proposed Blue World project: SeaWorld San Diego’s solution to address the revelations of the film Blackfish, which caused a steep decline in public attendance to the amusement park. The extended consultation will give the global public further opportunity to express the opinion that increasing tank size is just not enough. No captive facility can ever adequately provide for cetacean species.      

In 2014, SeaWorld announced plans to nearly double the size of its killer whale tank to cover an area of 1.5 acres, with a depth of 50 feet (15m) and length of 350 feet (170m). Clearly SeaWorld has finally recognised that their tanks are far too small for the animals they keep, but furthermore, no captivity tank would ever provide killer whales (also known as orca), or any species of cetaceans with the same degree of space and environmental complexity experienced in the wild. 

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Now compassionate citizens everywhere can have their say over what the future will hold for SeaWorld San Deigo’s orcas. The California Coastal Commission, which overseas construction along the State’s shoreline, have delayed their vote until October. So far, they have received over 75,000 letters and emails in opposition of the Blue World project.

The Born Free Foundation maintains that orca, as well as all dolphin and whale species, do not fare well in captivity. Orca can swim 100 kilometres a day, dive to depths exceeding 40 meters and are highly social species. No matter the size of the tank, captivity it is not an appropriate environment for orca. Born Free welcomes the extended opportunity to provide feedback to the California Coastal Commission and encourages the public to do so, by offering a sample letter that can be sent to California Coastal Commission at

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