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(c) Martin Harvey
The beautiful, elusive Ethiopian wolf

The Bale Mountains is the last stronghold of the Ethiopian wolf. The slender wolf is the world’s rarest canid and they depend on the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme, funded by Born Free. The team vaccinates local dogs to prevent disease, monitors the wolves, and runs education programmes.  The main threat to the wolf’s survival in many parts of the world is the perceived threat they present to livestock and Born Free humanely resolves conflict between wolves and livestock owners. Meanwhile, wolves suffer badly in captivity and our work to highlight their suffering in zoos continues.

Current wolf projects

Rare canid: Born Free funds the study and protection of the world’s most endangered canid … the Ethiopian wolf.  Less than 500 survive and funded by Born Free the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme vaccinates local domestic dog to prevent the spread of disease, funds patrols to monitor the wolves, and runs local education programmes. 

Humane solutions: The main threat to the wolf’s survival in many parts of the world is the real and perceived threat they present to livestock.  Born Free is working to resolve conflict situations between wolves, bears and livestock owners. 

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