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Wolf shot dead after escape from Cotswold Wildlife Park

25 July 2017

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Reports have emerged that a wolf was shot dead after escaping from its enclosure at Cotswold Wildlife Park on Friday 21st July.

It is believed the wolf, named Ember, managed to climb over an electric fence and escape through the zoo’s perimeter fence. Sadly, Ember was shot by a member of zoo staff after she was found walking towards a busy road. Apparently, it was not possible to sedate and recapture Ember as she was beyond the range of a tranquiliser dart.

Ember arrived at the zoo in October and her death comes just months after she had her first litter of five cubs.

Chris Draper, head of animal welfare for Born Free said: “Incidents like this happen all too frequently in British zoos, and all too often end in tragedy. Born Free is calling for a fundamental overhaul of the system of licensing and inspecting zoos in this country, to better protect animals and the public.”

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