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Born Free calls on Hong Kong to end ivory trade

5 June 2017

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The Born Free Foundation has written to the Hong Kong Government urging it to follow through with a proposed domestic ban on ivory trade.

In a letter to the Chair of the Hong Kong Legislative Council’s Panel on Environmental Affairs, Born Free’s President Will Travers OBE expressed strong support for proposals to ban the import, re-export and possession of pre-Convention ivory for commercial purposes in Hong Kong, and to increase penalties for wildlife crime. He also urged the Hong Kong Government not to compensate ivory traders from the public purse.

Africa’s elephants are in serious crisis, with poachers killing 20,000 or more each year to supply ivory into illegal markets. In response, the United States introduced a ‘near-total ban’ on ivory trade in 2016, and Mainland China has committed to ending its domestic ivory trade by the end of 2017.

Hong Kong remains a major hub for lucrative Asian ivory markets. Ending the ivory trade in Hong Kong is critical to international efforts aimed at securing a future for Africa’s elephants.

The proposed legislation will be tabled for discussion by the Legislative Council on 14th June.

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