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Bella the vervet

24 March 2017

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With the growing outreach programme that Born Free provides in Ethiopia, things are never quiet at Ensessakotteh for long. Just days after Budaloo the vervet monkey made it out of his quarantine enclosure and into the big group, another vervet arrived. Bella has been kept in private ownership for over a year near to the Italian embassy in Addis Ababa. She had been kept outside a private residence with dogs and chickens, tethered by a short chain to a log. She is very aggressive around food, and judging by her lean frame, it isn’t hard to understand why.

It took Bella a few days to settle into life at the sanctuary. As is often the case, animals unaccustomed to large spaces are housed in smaller quarantine areas for a few days on arrival to reduce the anxiety that may come from being exposed too rapidly to space and relative freedom. On the fourth day of her quarantine, Bella was given access to a much larger room attached to the smaller one that she had been occupying. This turned out to be too much for her and she spent most of the next two days peering out of the doorway into the larger space, but not actually venturing past the threshold.

On day seven of her quarantine, she cautiously began to explore the larger area. Much like Solomon the vervet who arrived in August, she is still more comfortable eating in the smaller room and will hide there if scared. Every rescue is different, as is every rehabilitation process. Bella will continue to dictate the pace of her rehabilitation. When she is ready she will join the same group that Budaloo joined. Given that she has spent so much time away from other primates, she will be kept in a transitional area in the large vervet enclosure to assess how well she communicates with the other primates before any introduction is attempted.

Unfortunately, monkeys kept as pets may not know how to communicate with members of their own species, and need to time adjust to the communication styles that other monkeys use.

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