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Name a cheetah cub - results

Thank YOU for giving our Cheetah triplets their very special new names!

You may remember that Born Free recently rescued three adorable cheetah cubs, and they all needed names! Well now, thanks to our wonderful supporters, they have them!

The winning names were chosen by Virginia, who felt the meanings of each were truly rather wonderful and that they sat perfectly together:

Tamu - Means Sweet in Swahili  by Chrissy Hyde, our friend at Land Rover, Leamington Spa, UK

Zuri - Means Beautiful in Swahili by Cheryl Davies-Crook, all the way from New Zealand!

Nura - Means filled with light in Arabic by Donna Johnston, all the way from California, USA

The names were selected from a large number of entries upon the adoption of our cheetah family. The winners will receive a framed photo and certificate, signed by Virginia herself.

The furry threesome, all sisters, and still less than a year old were being sold as exotic pets and were confiscated by our colleagues in Somaliland. They are now being looked after at our spacious rescue centre in Ethiopia where the team are thrilled with the new names as chosen by our patron and founder Virginia McKenna OBE. Stuart Robertson, the centre’s Animal Care Manager gave us an update on how the girls are doing:

‘The three youngsters have grown so quickly we have had to prepare new, larger accommodations for them!

Their confidence seems to have grown along with their bodies and moving them now is vital to their development. Often when we receive animals such as these from the wildlife trade they show signs of poor treatment, often resulting from being kept in poor conditions or having an unsuitable diet. This can lead to, among other problems, poor organ and bone development. However, in our compassionate and loving care, they seem to be developing well.

Their new enclosure will be nearly 5 times bigger than their current one and once they are used to their surroundings they will be let out into a large natural camp where they can experience more room than ever before and even the sights, sounds and smells of the wild animals that share the area around them.

This year’s awfully cold wet season has done nothing to stop the sisters in their stride and muddy puddles and rain drops have become new party pieces in their games of chasing and pouncing on each other’. 

If you would like to help care for the triplets, you can too adopt them here:

Thank you!

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