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Cheating the hunters

12 January 2018

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Imagine being taken from your mother… you are only days, weeks or at most months old… unable to survive alone…

The illegal wildlife trade is one of the key threats to wildlife around the world and together we must turn the tide. One school in northern England, Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School, has been discussing this very issue. Through their literacy project the students in year 2 have been writing short stories to share their views on poaching:

“There was once a little, kind girl and her name was Aba she had a lovely old Granddad and his name was Abam and he wore some nice, colourful clothes.

Once they got to the dry, thirsty bush they played hide and seek. Grandad counted first.

Suddenly when Aba was running she saw a baby cheetah trying to wake her dead, broken mam.

Aba just had to help the baby cheetah because “it would not survive if I don’t help it” Aba thought to herself. Aba walked closer to the baby, spotty cheetah.

Suddenly the mean, nasty hunters slowly came and Aba quietly hid the baby, spotty cheetah and luckily the mean, nasty hunters didn’t see the baby, spotty cheetah.

Suddenly Aba heard some cheetahs. She quickly ran and gave the baby cheetah to the group of cheetahs.

When Aba was slowly, quietly walking she saw somebody in the distance but when she went closer the person was Aba’s Grandad. Aba was really excited and she will never be a hunter”.

Storytelling is a globally important form of communication and the oldest known art form, helping us to understand the world around us and pass on knowledge from one generation to the next. So let’s take up this tale, for the future of cheetahs and other wildlife in peril.

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