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Rescued Serval Update

5 June 2017

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Wadera the serval was confiscated several hours drive outside of Addis Ababa in December 2016 by the Oromia Forestry and Wildlife Enterprise (OFWE). After an initial check-up by Dr. Rea Tschopp it was determined that, despite being a little dehydrated, he was in good health. He was therefore transferred to Ensessakotteh, Born Free’s Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre near Holeta, to begin his rehabilitation.

Since his arrival at Ensessakotteh, Wadera has been a quick study when it comes to hunting and has been observed several times catching his own food. However, after a month or two, Wadera showed signs of significant stress in his enclosure, having been used to the wild, so the team decided to release him into a larger area where he could still be monitored but would hopefully reduce his stress levels. And it worked! He thrived.

Then in April 2017 Wadera decided he was done with the soft release and was ready for life back in the wild. About the time the animal care team was planning to lure him out of the restricted area to live in the wider sanctuary he found his own way out by climbing to the top of the high bush in the back of the restricted area and jumped out.

During the following two weeks, the animal care team continued to provide him with about a quarter of the diet he would need to comfortably survive. He came back every night to partake in his dinner, giving the staff a chance to assess his body condition. Having been seen hunting in the fields throughout the sanctuary, the staff decided it was time to let him start to fend for himself. It has now been two further weeks and Wade is a hunting machine! He is a bit more diurnal than the other servals who call the sanctuary home, so is seen by the staff in the mornings and is getting to be rather fat. However, when the rains finally arrive it will be more difficult for him to find food, so we’re all happy that he’s getting some extra fat storage in the meantime.

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