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Meet Budaloo

30 January 2017

Categories: Homepage News, Rescue News, Wildlife Trade News, Ensessakotteh News

Earlier this month, our team in Ethiopia collected another confiscated primate: a young male vervet called Budaloo. He was confiscated by Addis police after they saw him near the National Theatre being led down the street on a...

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Meet Wadera the serval

24 December 2016

Categories: Homepage News, Ensessakotteh News, Rescue News

Servals are distinguished by their surprisingly large ears, spotted fur, long legs, and relatively small head.  Specialized rodents hunters – mice and rats in particular – servals are widely distributed across Africa. ...

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Cheetah update

7 November 2016

Categories: Homepage News, Ensessakotteh News, Rescue News

Tiffanie Meekins, Born Free Foundation Ethiopia’s Animal Care Officer, reports on our newest cheetah residents at Ensessakotteh - Kakaway and Hailu were confiscated from illegal wildlife traders near Jijiga, eastern Ethiopia,...

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Kera, Addi and Solomon - primate rescues in Ethiopia

26 September 2016

Categories: Homepage News, Primates Campaign News, Ensessakotteh News, Rescue News

In the last month alone Born Free Foundation Ethiopia rescued three primates in Addis Ababa and housed them in Ensessakotteh, it's wildlife rescue, conservation and education centre. Addis Ababa, a city of over 3.3 million...

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New Arrivals

19 August 2016

Categories: Homepage News, Primates Campaign News, Rescue News, Ensessakotteh News

Just days after the news of Marisa’s successful introduction to the main troop, we have two new arrivals at our Rescue Centre in Ethiopia: Abel the tortoise, found underneath a pile of ironwork; and Kera the gelada, confiscated...

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