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Wildlife Rescue Centres

The Born Free Foundation gets requests, often on a daily basis, to rescue animals from appalling captive conditions all over the world, or to help animals found abandoned or injured in the wild. Regrettably, sanctuary space and resources with which to provide rescued animals a high standard of care - often for the rest of their lives - are limited, which means we cannot rescue as many animals as we would wish. 

However, for those animals we are able to help, we feel their lives are invariably transformed once relocated to sanctuaries that deliver the care, respect and enrichment they need and deserve. To raise awareness about the suffering wild animals endure in captivity, and the pressures they and their habitats are facing in the wild, we tell the stories of rescued animals – many of which have been too damaged by captivity to return to the wild.  Happily, for a small number of animals, a return to the wild is possible, following careful and extensive rehabilitation. 

Not only do we run our own sanctuaries, we also offer financial and other support to independent rescue centres. 

Born Free regularly receives calls for help in regard to captive animals in need. Sadly, there are many more animals in need of rescue than there are sanctuary spaces worldwide - it is therefore vital we use precious sanctuary spaces not only to rescue animals in need, but also to highlight the problems facing captive wildlife (e.g. private ownership, trade, substandard zoos etc.). Please view this flowchart which outlines the type of considerations Born Free makes when we receive information about animals in need from our supporters.

Bella before her rescue...
and today at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre
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