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Local wildlife rescuer, Tarnya Knight, from the Born Free Foundation, has been busy taking care of an incredible array of rescued wildlife, like these tawny owl chicks. Below are the most recent examples. Please help support her work.

21st June 2017

Meet Gary! This charming chap arrived yesterday after being found alone and dehydrated. Thankfully someone took pity on this little seagull and took him into a local vets!

12th June 2017

Two juvenile jays, Amelie and Ella, are currently in our care! Tomorrow we're taking these little ones to our wonderful friends at Folly Wildlife Rescue, who have the expertise and facilities to care for these beautiful birds. Thank you Folly! 

31st May 2017

Meet Joey - our latest hedgehog rescue! 

Who is living under your shed? Joey was left homeless after a garden shed was dismantled and this little chap was found (with no mum in sight). We are pleased to say that he is feeding well and putting on weight. When he is old enough he will returned to the wild 

24th April 2017

Meet Neil the tawny owl! He was found on the hard shoulder of the M23 early Saturday morning and taken to a local vets. Later that day we collected him and took him over to our dear friends at Folly Wildlife Rescue. Neil is now in safe hands and will receive the very best of care

13th April 2017

In time for the #Easter bank holiday weekend, meet our latest adorable rescue, Daffodil! She is off to our very dear friends over at Folly Wildlife Rescue, where she can join some other bunnies in time for the egg hunt! 

3rd April 2017

"Every living creature has a sacred right to the gladness of springtime" - Leo Tolstoy

Having woken from her long sleepybies, our little Norma has taken notice of the seasonal changes and is now ready to return to the wild. #WildlifeWakeUp

27th March 2017

Mr Pheasant came via a vets on Friday (we're guessing he had been clipped by a car). He's definitely a lot brighter than when he arrived but still feeling a little sorry for himself.

15th March 2017

Remember Sweetie the partially sighted hedgehog from last June? She woke up yesterday after a long winter sleep. Here she is tucking into her dinner :) #WildlifeWakeUp

24th February 2017

Born Free have recently purchased two incubators for Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue in Surrey and Pricklepad Hedgehog Hospital in Newcastle Upon Tyne. With thanks for Harper Asprey for the photo!

13th January 2017

This buzzard was found at the side of the road and taken into a local vets. Yesterday we took him over to our dear friends at Folly Wildlife Rescue in Kent who have the facilities and expertise to care for him.

Here he is being examined by wildlife supervisor, Antonia Blackler. Hopefully after some R & R, he should be ok to return home for release next week. We will keep you posted and thank you Folly!

14th December 2016

Meet Snowflake!This little chap is one of eight juvenile hedgehogs that arrived over the weekend. Snowflake is a little poorly at the moment but we hope with the correct treatment he will be feeling better soon.

28th November 2016

Hoglets are still coming in to Born Free HQ, with this little chap arriving at the end of last week

9th November 2016

Haven’t they grown since the 7th October 2016! Mum is the gingery one in the background. All 4 hoglets are fine (this picture is showing just 3 of them - the 4th on the bottom picture). Size wise they are about the size of an orange! 

10th October 2016

Another hoglet has arrived! This little lady was discovered during the day and is far too small to survive hibernation. So, she'll be wintered indoors and returned to the wild in spring 2017! 

7th October 2016

It's that time of year again at Born Free HQ! These little guys were picked up last night (6th). It’s a blessing their nest was disturbed as they wouldn’t have survived winter. Thankfully, their mum was with them. They will all be overwintered indoors and released next spring!

1st August 2016

A little duckling was found all alone in a garden - their mother no where to be seen. The garden owner got into contact and we collected them. They'll be released back into the wild once old enough. 

27th July 2016

5 more hoglets have come in over the last week, these are 3 of them. They're eating a milky mash, which is esbilac (a puppy rearing formula) and cat food mashed together. They'll be returned to the wild once they're ready to be! 

14th July 2016

Rosey was picked up today. She should really be with her mother - but she was found alone. When old enough to, she'll be returned to the wild! 

Thanks to Lola Fava for naming her. 

5th July 2016

Meet Daisy, Primrose, Thomas and Hawthorn.

They were picked up over the weekend after the hoglets mother hadn't been seen for a few days. They're currently too young to fend for themselves - so when they're old enough, they'll be released back into the wild.

29th June 2016

Meet a rather fancy (if we do say so ourselves) pigeon! Someone had tied his wings together so he was unable to fly :( Thankfully no permanent damaged was done and he is now recovering from his ordeal.

17th June 2016

Meet an adorable green woodpecker! He was picked up on the evening of the 16th, has eaten well and been very chatty! He'll be taken to our amazing friends over at Folly Wildlife Rescue - where we are told he has another woodpecker friend waiting to meet him!

16th June 2016

Sweetie the hedgehog came to us a few weeks ago from a vets in Storrington. She is blind in one eye and has only partial sight in the other. With little sight, Sweetie would have been vulnerable going back to the wild, so it was decided that she should would go to a permanent home. Sweetie was taken to a lovely lady called Caroline (who is an experienced hedgehog carer), she has a large enclosed garden for her to roam around in. In the photo - she is enjoying a drink at her favourite drinking hole!

13th June 2016

Meet our two collared doves! When they're old enough - they'll be returned to the wild. 

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