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Marine Mammals

grey seal

The UK is privileged to call two species of seals native – ‘grey seals’, and the smaller and increasingly uncommon ‘common seals’. For most, these wonderful marine mammals are a delight to see around our shores. However, for some in Scotland’s salmon farming and coastal fisheries industries, seals are seen as a problem because they occasionally take fish from nets or cages. As a result, many hundreds of seals are shot each year.

Born Free believes that the shooting of seals is cruel and unnecessary, and that there are humane and effective ways to protect farmed fish and fisheries from seals. We help to bring these issues to the public’s attention. We also work with industry, retailers, government, researchers and other charities in Scotland to identify and promote humane and effective solutions, so that the shooting of seals can be brought to a complete and permanent end.

Born Free also campaigns for an end to the incredibly cruel slaughter of dolphins in Japan and pilot whales in the Faroe Islands, and an end to all scientific and commercial whaling, by bringing these hugely important issues to the attention of the British public and policymakers, and by urging the British government to persuade countries that still exploit these amazing and vulnerable species to end the practices, through diplomacy, trade agreements and any other means possible.

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