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Meet Marisa the gelada

15 August 2016

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Marisa arrived at Ensessakotteh on the 28th May 2016, after being confiscated in Addis Ababa. She was kept on her own after her arrival to allow her to settle into her new surroundings as well as ensure she did not spread any infections to our other residents.

But, last week she was ready to be integrated into the main gelada group. Any new introductions come with a few risks but this was fairly seamless.
Gelada’s are endemic to Ethiopia, meaning that they are only found here. They are also the only predominantly grass-eating primate, spending hours picking out the tender shoots each day. The males are distinguished by their impressive lion-like manes and sizeable canine teeth, whereas the smaller females have a noticeable bare chest-patch and neck-ring.

In gelada society there is usually a single dominant male with a harem of females in an organized hierarchy. Marisa, therefore, had to learn her place from the dominant female pretty quickly but, much to our relief, there was no blood shed. By day three she was grooming with the other geladas her size. By the end of that week she could sit near anyone without issue.

She will one day have a chance of life back in the wild as part of our growing release troop.

Tiffanie Meekins,
Animal Care Officer

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