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Rescue and Care Roundup:

4 July 2016

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So far this year, Born Free’s Year of the Lion, the rescue and care team have been busy working with rescue centres and rehabilitation projects around the world. Some of our own, some supported by us, but all amazing! We thought you would like to hear about some of the projects that don’t always get the limelight:

Simba and Bella at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in Malawi continue to enjoy each other’s company, with little Bella clearly the boss in the relationship. Fortunately, on-going, close attention to their veterinary treatment and care for their variety of ailments means they are both leading comfortable lives and the once-lonely lions are rarely seen more than a few metres apart.

At Born Free’s Big Cat Rescue Centres in Shamwari we have had to say a very sad farewell to our old friend Kuma the leopard. He was 20 years old and had starting to suffer from a combination of old age problems that made us feel it was kinder to let him go. Kuma received the highest possible care at Shamwari since his rescue from an appalling zoo in Ivory Coast in 1999. We will all miss him dearly.

The team at Ensessakotteh in Ethiopia have had a very busy six months. They have just rehomed five big cats, including three lions, confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade in Jijiga, transporting them safely the 466 miles to the Centre. New arrivals this year include 4 primates and 2 antelopes which are now settling in well. The team have also been busy renovating the Centre and building new lifetime care enclosures for Cody the owl and Jawi the serval.

Remember Elsa the Italian lioness? Although, sadly, there is nothing yet to report regarding the outcome of the court case to secure Elsa’s permanent confiscation, LAV, our Italian partners, and their dedicated legal team are still fighting on her behalf and on behalf of all the other animals from the circus. Born Free will continue to assist to the best of our ability, including supporting her care at Semproniano Rescue Centre in Tuscany.

In Greece, the Arcturos Bear Sanctuary has had an influx of new residents, including three bears from a private owner in Albania and an injured wild bear. In addition to this, Born Free has recently taken three rescued bears cubs to the sanctuary from Tbilisi, Georgia, where they were found orphaned after severe flooding in the city in 2015. We are confident that they will receive the best lifetime care possible.

The Animals Asia Bear Rescue Centre in Vietnam is as busy as ever rescuing bears from the sickening bear bile trade. Recently, 33 bears were rescued from Quang Ninh Province and 8 bears from other provinces across the country.  To date, the team has now rescued 161 bears - an incredible achievement!

In the first half of this year, the team from the GRI-Zambia Primate Project have had a huge success; they have reported the first arrest and prosecution for illegally keeping a primate. The offender received a 6 month suspended jail sentence. With more cases awaiting prosecution, we are hopeful that this positive move will significantly r3educe the illegal private ownership of primates as pets in Zambia. 

The mandrills at the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon are getting a new enclosure! This will offer the growing troop even more space and more vegetation to enrich their days. The team have also been working to further develop their primate release programme. 

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda has been tackling the effects of El Nino. These unusual climatic conditions, that have led to drought throughout Ethiopia, have, in fact, led to widespread flooding in nearby neighbours such as Uganda and Kenya. With this flooding, the team have witnessed the water level in Lake Victoria significantly rise, which is washing away jetties and threatening infrastructure on the island. However, the 49 chimpanzees, currently calling Ngamba home, are in good hands.

And let’s not forget the Rescue Sanctuaries right here in the UK. In 2016, Born Free, combined with Care for the Wild, have provided funds to support some of these centres both in their rescue efforts and to help in the purchase of vital, life-saving equipment. This has brought relief to countless lives, including deer, foxes, baby birds, hedgehogs, water fowl and badgers.

Clearly sanctuaries are amazing! If you would like to support these extraordinary projects, please adopt one of our rescued animals.

We are eager to see what the next six months will bring.

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