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You can help put an end to keeping primates as pets

24 September 2015

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Animal health and welfare groups including the Born Free Foundation have today launched a petition calling on the Government to introduce a ban on the keeping and trading of primates as pets.

An estimated 5,000 primates are being kept as pets in the UK and rescue groups such as the RSPCA and Wild Futures receive approximately one call a week relating to the welfare of a monkey.

Marmosets, capuchins and squirrel monkeys are just some of the primates being kept as pets, destined for unnecessary suffering in an unnatural environment.

The Born Free Foundation, British Veterinary Association (BVA), Captive Animals’ Protection Society, Four Paws, OneKind, the RSPCA and Wild Futures believe the cases of suffering encountered on a frequent basis are just the tip of the iceberg and they have therefore introduced the petition asking the Governments in the UK to implement regulations that will end the keeping and trading of these complex creatures as pets.

Chris Draper, Programmes Manager for Captive Wild Animals at the Born Free Foundation said: “It is abundantly clear that a domestic environment is no place for non-human primates. Whether wild-caught or born in captivity, primates have extremely complex social, spatial and environmental needs which cannot be met when kept as pets. Offering these intelligent animals for sale as pets inevitably results in a lifetime of suffering. It is time for this embarrassing and cruel practice to end”.

A spokesperson for the groups added: “The large coalition of organisations calling for an end to the keeping and trade of primates for pets reflects what an urgent issue this has become. It doesn’t matter how well intentioned the owner is, primates are not suitable pets. The complex environment that a primate needs can never be provided in a house. Primates are found living in bird cages, being fed sugary drinks and sweets and living in filthy conditions.”

The trend for keeping primates is on the increase - but the specific needs of these complex animals mean that their potential for suffering is very high.

To sign the petition to #ProtectPrimates visit

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