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Vervet Monkey Rescue

17 June 2015

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At the end of May GRI-Zambia Primate Project (ZPP) undertook a very tricky confiscation of a vervet monkey and yellow baboon from a hell hole of a place in the Copperbelt. They were found eating plastic, no water, loud speakers pumping out music right next to their cage, dehydrated and underweight...and the illegal 'owner' extremely hostile and 'well connected' ...but ZPP's Project Manager Cosmas Mumba with his usual honey badger tenacity finally secured their rescue 4 days after first attempting to confiscate them. Great team work with Zambia Wildlife Authority officers from Kalalushi and the police in Chingola. 2 lives saved and now ZPP will slowly get them ready for release back to the wild.

Hot on the heels of this rescue was that of a baby vervet monkey at the beginning of June. He had been kept for 2 months on the end of a two foot rope tied to a tree by a Zambian army officer illegally. It's mother had been killed and the baby snatched out of the wild to sell into the illegal pet trade in Zambia. Well done to Cosmas for another life saved - our primate rescue hero! This monkey will now be rehabilitated back to good health and form part of our release troop back to the wild in Kafue National Park November.

Cosmas said "It is so heartening to do these rescues  -  it's what motivates me - to track down these animals where they are being kept in the most harrowing conditions and to set them on the road to freedom. These animals will soon be foraging in the wild amongst their own kind, living a truly free life. Nothing can compare to that."

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