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Tinto Eve returns

9 April 2015

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Tinto Eve (rescued on New Year’s Eve in 2005 when just a few months old) has had an exciting few months. The Limbe vet team decided she was at last healthy enough to return to the island chimpanzee group. Eve had also been suffering from a respiratory infection and was kept on her own for several months. She had such a welcoming homecoming, and had clearly been dearly missed by all of her friends. As soon as she arrived all the chimps ‘pant-hooted’ happily (an excited kind of chimp call). When the door to her crate was opened she was greeted by all of her friends with a great deal of hugging and grooming.

How wonderful!

For many weeks, the entire group was focused on Eve – she was in the middle of every grooming circle. With more exercise and climbing she has already lost some of the weight she gained in hospitalisation, and is clearly very happy to be back with her ‘family’. Every day she climbs the structures, where she can get a full view of the centre, until infants Neo and Po-Po grab her to play. They are very happy to have one of their favourite ‘aunties’ back home. “Eve’s recovery has also been possible thanks in part to Born Free donors,” said Ainaire. “All of us are extremely grateful. Nothing is better than seeing such a wonderful chimpanzee reunited with her best friends!


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