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Celebrate Great Apes

19 November 2014

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Great apes (gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees and the bonobos) are facing an uncertain future. Highly threatened by hunting, habitat loss and deforestation and disease, these magnificent mammals are extremely vulnerable to any level of hunting due to their low population densities and reproductive rates as well as a long period of infant dependency.

Human populations are growing rapidly in sub-Saharan Africa and they are increasingly becoming urbanised. Despite this urbanisation, rural communities are still heavily reliant on the exploitation of natural resources for their survival, and as populations increase so does the pressure on the land for subsistence activities such as slash and burn agriculture, hunting and the collection of fuel wood. In addition, governments are also dependent on the extraction of natural resources to boost their economies and the expansion of the logging, mining and oil industries and large-scale agri-business, places increasing pressure on the environment.  

Although many organisations are striving to protect primates, and especially great apes, too many species are still in serious decline.  That’s why Born Free remains committed to supporting conservation action, trade restrictions and law enforcement to help stem this tide:


Desperate call for help from Ainare Idoiaga (Manager/Veterinarian Limbe Wildlife Centre)… “I write you because we are facing real problems here in Limbe. Our main source to pay animal food is gate entrance fee but the ebola crisis (even though not present in Cameroon) and its media link to primates has made the entrance of visitors number drop by 80% in the last months since August making it unsustainable for us to get enough funding. We are facing a huge crisis right now here as the Governmental allocation is already exhausted and all the "basket funds" we had are gone”.

Please help feed the animals at Limbe Wildlife Centre:

Or help look after Chinoise (pictured above) by adopting her

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