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A second chance for Doreen

17 July 2014

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In April the Zambia Primate Project (ZPP)'s Project Director, Dr Cheryl Mvula, visited Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia, to check on Doreen, a rescued female baboon, and her progress and transition back to life in the wild.

At the time of Cheryl's visit Doreen was spending 3 days with the wild troop interspersed with a day back at Chipembele where she sought out her human carers for support. It was amazing that a year after last seeing her, Doreen recognised her old friend immediately and ran to greet Cheryl with lip smacking. She then initiated a grooming session, before leaving to join the wild troop when they moved off.

Since that time Doreen has been spending more and more time with the wild troop, but still returning to Chipembele regularly when the wild troop travels through for some supplementary feeding and 'tender loving care' from Anna and Steve Tolan who run Chipembele.

During June Doreen has been moved onto the next phase of her integration back to the wild, where the team is attempting to wean her off any form of human support. This is proving to be a very hard phase for Doreen (and her human carers at Chipembele) as supplementary feeding and contact with humans is withdrawn. She has lost weight, but she was a little overweight following captivity so at present this is not currently a major issue. The hardest aspect for her is being weaned off human company and she is not happy with this. This phase will be monitored carefully and intervention will only take place if she loses too much condition.

It is hard, but a necessary step that we hope will see her fully integrated back into a wild life with her new baboon family.

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