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Good news from Limbe

27 June 2014

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Rescued potto being released in Korup National Park © LWC

April was a very exciting month at Limbe Wildlife Centre with their 1st ever primate release taking place! A male Milne-Edwards’ Potto (Perodicticus edwardsi) who was rescued in January was successfully released into Korup National Park with assistance from friends at GIZ-PSMNR. After receiving health checks from our vetenary team, the Potto was release back into his natural habitat as soon as possible in order to allow him to fulfill his biological role and give him the best possible chance of survival. As an adult, his chances to re-adapt to his natural habitat are high. Milne-Edwards’s Pottos are a nocturnal primate of the lorisidae family, and are found in Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, CAR and the Republic of Congo.

‘Zoo’ Rescue

On 30th April 2014, Limbe Wildlife Centre and Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) Staff confiscated 36 animals that were being illegally held in Muyuka. The “zoo” was incredibly small, measuring only 2m x 4m and the animals were kept in deplorable conditions: make-shift cages consisted of paint tins covered in chicken wire for snakes, rotting wooden boxes for tortoises, and concrete areas filled with dirt for pottos, civet cats, crocodiles, and ornate monitor lizards. Nearly all animals that were rescued required immediate medical attention – malnourished and very underweight, dehydrated, and having never been exposed to sunlight or a natural habitat since their captures.

Upon arrival the LWC, all of the animals received preliminary health checks and were given necessary treatments. Three ornate monitors, a water snake and sand boa were released after their checks. Currently the confiscated animals remaining at LWC are being cared for in our quarantine facility and many require daily medical treatment and specialised nutrition. In the near future, all animals that were part of the Muyuka Zoo confiscation are expected to be able to return back their natural habitats.

You can read the full report here.

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