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Meet Doreen

11 December 2013

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Born Free has always put the plight of the individual animal at the heart of matters.   From tigers rescued from circuses, lions from zoos and primates from the end of chains.  With Doreen though it has been a long journey, but she may finally have found a place where she can settle and feel safe.

Doreen was rescued by the Born Free funded Zambia Primate Project (ZPP) in 2011.  During her years of captivity, the only ‘relief’ from  life at the end of a short chain, was the distraction of being used to ‘promote’ driving lessons in Lusaka.  Her owner, a policeman, would chain her to the steering wheel and make her sit on the roof of the car.

These early years took their toll, and following Doreen’s rescue, the team found it impossible to integrate her into the troops of rescued baboons that they worked closely with as they prepared them for release. As  a result of Doreen’s lack of primate social skills, she continued to spend a lot of time alone.

Finally though, there looks like there is a solution.  At the end of November, ZPP moved Doreen to Chipembele; an amazing wildlife rescue facility in Zambia run by Anna and Steve Tolan.  Here they will try and integrate her into  a wild troop that lives close by.  If this is  not successful Doreen will at least be able to live out the rest of her days within the semi-wild caring surrounds of Chipembele.  

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