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Meet Cosmas Mumba, Born Free’s Wildlife Hero in Zambia

10 November 2013

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It takes courage and dedication to do what Cosmas does.  Rescuing wild primates that are often frightened and have been abused by humans, can be very dangerous.  They don’t know what is happening to them.  Many will have been illegally taken from the wild and subsequently chained up in someone’s backyard, often for years.  But with a mixture of kindness and strength, which has developed during the decade he’s been doing this work, Cosmas will step confidently into a situation to remove an animal. And then from that very moment, matters will start to improve for that animal.  Any injuries will be treated; fresh water and food will be given – and most importantly of all, for these social creature, they will be patiently integrated into a troop of similarly rescued primates.  And then,  when they are healed they will be returned to the wild.  But their care does not stop there.  

Thanks to a protocol that has been developed and refined over the years by Cosmas and Project Consultant Dr Cheryl Mvula, the released troops have a dedicated team of researchers who track them and make sure all is well as they finally become truly wild animals once again.  With over 450 animals rescued and a rehabilitation and release success rate now running at 95%, Cosmas and his efforts are truly making an amazing difference to many lives.  And just recently, the latest troop of rescued vervets has been released into Kafue National Park – and, not too surprisingly, they are doing great. 

Read a full interview with Cosmas here

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