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Recent law enforcement successes in Cameroon

6 November 2013

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Born Free is pleased to share a couple of updates from our colleagues at the Last Great Ape Organization (LAGA) in Cameroon regarding recent wildlife crime related arrests.

Two suspected wildlife traffickers were arrested in Garoua, in Northern Cameroon. They were found in illegal possession of numerous wildlife products including several hippopotamus teeth and two crocodile skins. A 28-year-old man and a 35-year-old man were arrested by wildlife officials of the North Region during a crackdown operation carried out with the technical support of LAGA. The suspects are both accused of illegal trafficking of wildlife products in a region that is so important for so many of Cameroon’s wildlife species.

A few days later, two young men aged 21 and 25 years old were arrested in the heart of Cameroon’s capital Yaounde by wildlife officials for attempts at selling a live baby mandrill. The two suspects had travelled to East Cameroon where they bought the animal with the intent of selling it to a client in Yaounde. Unknown to them, an investigative process that followed up their illegal activities had been put in place and this resulted in their prompt arrest at the exact moment they made a move to sell the mandrill. The operation was carried out with support from the police and falls within the framework of the national wildlife law enforcement programme launched in 2003 by the wildlife administration aimed at getting wildlife law offenders tried and sentenced.

LAGA are part of the EAGLE network - Eco Activists for Governance & Law Enforcement, with established projects in Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Guinea and Togo

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