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Bazou Goes Outside

29 August 2013

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Last month, Bazou, a 19-year old male was successfully integrated into a family group of 36 chimpanzees. Prior to his rescue and arrival at Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC), he had been kept in a cage so small he hardly had space to move, a rope around his neck remaining from a chain that had been used when he was young. Since coming to LWC, Bazou had met other chimpanzees; however, after being kept solitary for so long, he has had an extremely difficult time adjusting to a proper lifestyle and understanding chimpanzee behavior. 

Rehabilitation is a much longer and more difficult process for individuals who have been kept in unnatural conditions until adulthood. Alone, without a referent to follow, they have no means to understand chimpanzee politics, language, and body expressions. For Bazou, who is unable to express his emotions in the right way according to the situations around him and being an adult male his chances of being successfully and uneventfully integrated into a cohesive and functional group were very slim.

After so many years, Bazou finally met 36 other chimpanzees, and although he had a bit of difficulty with some of the rowdy male juveniles who left him with some small wounds, he had a permanent smile on his face. Somehow, the rest of the group members understand Bazou is special and they accept his lack of knowledge in chimpanzee language. Bazou’s expression of happiness gets somehow confused with distress vocalizations. This could trigger aggressions within the group, but, in this case, no one responds negatively to his screams, they just try to reassure him.

Once Bazou had successfully met all of the chimpanzees in the group, he was able to go outside for the first time in 19 years. On this day, he was one of the first to go outside, running into the grass and shouting happily. He now spends his day playing with the younger individuals, grooming with the dominants, running through the grass, and relaxing in the pool.

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