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Jailed for one year

31 July 2013

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Trafficker jailed for trading more than 500 chimps

Yesterday saw the landmark conviction of a wildlife trafficker (in absentia) and his two accomplices in Guinea. The investigation, carried out by the Guinée- Application de la Loi Faunique (GALF), a partner organisation of LAGA, yielded a confession from the trafficker to having “sold more than 500 chimpanzees from 1994” along with hyenas, leopards, a lion cub and thousands of birds. Many of these chimps were allegedly sold to dealers for export to China.

The Jane Goodall Institute estimates that the methods used to capture live chimps for the wildlife trade can lead to up to 90% fatality, meaning that for these 500 individuals to have been ‘successfully’ traded between 1994 and 2013 a further 4,500 individuals could have died. This trafficker alone may therefore have been responsible for the loss of 5,000 chimps from the wild population. In 1998 the chimpanzee population in Guinea was thought to be a little over 17,000 and given slow population growth based on low reproductive rates and high natural mortality it could be speculated that this one trafficker was responsible for decimating around a quarter of the countries chimp population singlehandedly.

It is therefore great news that GALF, working tirelessly over many months with the Ministry of Environment, Interpol and state councils from the ministry of justice, were able to secure the conviction of what Ofir Driori, LAGA founder, describes as possibly “the biggest ape trafficker ever prosecuted in Africa”.

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