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Mountain Gorilla numbers climb higher

10 December 2012

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The results of a census carried out earlier this year in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda confirm that mountain gorilla numbers have increased by about 10% in the last 2 years from 786 to a present day 880.

Mountain gorillas are found in Uganda, DRC and Rwanda and the three countries have been working together for some years now to define and execute common measures to help conserve the critically endangered mountain gorillas.

Host governments cannot however relax as a number of challenges still beset the region. The mountain gorillas of DRC are restricted to Virunga National Park which is currently facing severe security issues due to the presence of various rebel factions who have taken ‘control’ of some of the Park’s habituated mountain gorilla groups, using the funds derived from their ad-hoc tourism activities to fuel their brutal operations. In eastern Uganda, recent outbreaks of the highly contagious Ebola and Marbrug Fever diseases also pose a potential threat to great ape populations as well as local communities.

The importance of trans-boundary collaboration is key to the future of the mountain gorilla and Born Free encourages the governments of these three countries to continue to do all that they can to pursue a unified approach to mountain gorilla tourism and conservation.


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