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Governments Unite against Wildlife Trafficking

6 December 2012

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Our colleague Naftali Honig who heads law enforcement NGO Conservation Justice in the Republic of Congo has just reported on an important Press Conference held in Brazzaville at which some influential partners in the fight to stop wildlife crime expressed their commitment:

“The 4th December was a powerful day for the fight against wildlife traffic. A Press Conference was held at the US Embassy in Brazzaville for Wildlife Conservation Day.

Speeches were made by the United States Ambassador, the European Union Ambassador and the UNESCO Country Representative, with a presentation from renowned elephant specialist, Iain Douglas-Hamilton.

From the conservation community in Congo, a joint presentation was given by the Wildlife Conservation Society, African Parks Network and PALF (Projet d'appui à l'Application de la Loi sur la Faune) encouraging the Congo to adopt the highest level of support from the government for the fight against illegal wildlife trade.

Pressing subjects were discussed such as the risks to national security and good governance which illegal wildlife trade poses, and a unified stance of the importance of eliminating wildlife crime was evident.

UNESCO detailed the importance of preserving World Heritage Sites in Central Africa. The United States reminded the audience of the importance placed on this crisis by Secretary Clinton as the situation becomes more and more dire. The European Union announced its intended collaboration across Africa with projects like PALF, the Last Great Ape Organization and Conservation Justice in Gabon, and reiterated the importance of strong Justice in protecting natural resources.

We hope that as 2012 comes to a close, we will be opening a new chapter in further increasing the prosecutions on illegal wildlife traders by combining our strengths to make a difference.

Naftali Honig

PALF Coordinator

Republic of Congo"


We are very excited at Born Free to hear that institutions such as the EU express their commitment to strengthening support to organizations such as LAGA, PALF and their partners across Africa. Apart from greater collaboration, more financial resources are also urgently needed to combat the continued evolution of organized wildlife crime.

See this video for more on the issue of wildlife trade

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