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Not another day at the office.

15 November 2012

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The phone call came through at 11,00am.  A small monkey was being held at the Pasteur Institute in Addis.  That was all the information we had.

Road works added another 45 minutes onto the journey from the Born Free Ethiopia Office.  The traffic was frustratingly slow and was making up its own rules as it tried to negotiate the disruptions.

Once there we met Dr Abraham who led us to the monkey.  He was being kept in a tiny metal crate; and had been there for 20 days.  They told us he had been brought in after he’d bitten a woman; they knew nothing more.

Stephen Brend, our Director in Ethiopia, worked quickly to cut the plastic ties that held the lid firmly shut.  Our presence had created mayhem with the dogs also held there and they were all now barking ferociously. The small monkey must have been petrified.   Stephen prized open the lid.  But the monkey was further secured by a rope tied tightly round his neck; holding him close to the floor.  Stephen cut this, picked up the monkey and placed him in the travelling crate.

‘It’s good you came today to take him; we did not know what to do.  With no where to put him we were going to have to euthanize him’  said Dr Abraham.

In the car, Bereket Girma, Stephen’s deputy, sat with the crate, keeping it steady over the bumpy roads as we made our way out of Addis in the rush hour to Ensessakoteh.

The tranquillity, once we were there, with the late afternoon sun, was tangible.

Stephen and Bereket placed the monkey into a quarantine cage, and then we called our vet Dr Rea Tschopp

‘You must keep him there alone for 10 days.  We need to make sure he is well and has not picked up anything from the dogs’ she confirmed.

The little monkey, now called Pasteur, found a spot close to the wire and sat and gazed out over the trees.

‘You’ll soon be out there, back in the wild little one’.

We left Pasteur with a dinner of fruit and vegetables and headed home as the sun was settling.

Back in the office, we resumed where we’d left off, writing up our development plans for the next three years.  Another call.  There’s two cheetah being held in Abijata-Shalla National Park.  Information again was scant.  Are they cheetah or serval?  We’ll find out tomorrow.

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