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Interview with a wildlife hero

14 November 2012

Categories: Homepage News, Wildlife Trade News, Primates Campaign News, Elephants Campaign News, EAGLE News

Born Free have supported the Cameroon-based ‘Last Great Ape Organization (LAGA)’ since it's creation 10 years ago. LAGA’s Director, Israeli born Ofir Drori, set up the organization to fight for greater government action in...

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Proposal to cull Uganda’s wildlife

7 November 2012

Categories: Primates Campaign News

The Ministry of Tourism in Uganda is concerned about recent outbreaks of both Ebola and the Marburg virus, two frequently fatal and highly contagious diseases. Uganda has seen three main Ebola outbreaks over the last 12 years,...

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Troubling bushmeat trends

30 October 2012

Categories: Primates Campaign News, Wildlife Trade News, Homepage News

Two recent news reports remind us of why issues related to bushmeat remain high on both local and international conservation agendas

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Conservation Wildlife Champion Honoured by Duke of Edinburgh

21 October 2012

Categories: Homepage News, Primates Campaign News, EAGLE News

Sean Stone documentary film exposes war on illegal wildlife crime

The prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Medal has been awarded this year to one of our generation’s great wildlife conservation...

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Introducing the BF USA Primate Sanctuary

18 October 2012

Categories: Primates Campaign News

Supported by Born Free Foundation, the Primate Sanctuary is a key project of Born Free USA, Born Free Foundation’s sister organisation based in the USA.

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New Monkey Species Discovered in Africa

17 September 2012

Categories: Homepage News, Primates Campaign News

The rare news of the discovery of a new primate species has just been published. The previously undescribed monkey known locally as ‘‘lesula’’ was found by eminent field biologist John Hart and his team in the forests of the...

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A ‘not-so-lazy’ Sunday at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

26 July 2012

Categories: Homepage News, Primates Campaign News, Lilongwe news

After a hard week’s work, Sunday is normally our day of rest, which has recently involved a morning by the pool followed by an afternoon of jazz at a local bar.  But volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary often means that an...

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Happy ending for Kalume

25 June 2012

Categories: Homepage News, Primates Campaign News

Long time Born Free supporters may remember an appeal we ran in 2003 for a rescued chimpanzee in Eastern DRC. Poor Kalume had a broken jaw where he had been hit by his former owner and was unable to eat properly… consequently...

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"Jojo’s Story"

13 June 2012

Categories: Homepage News, Primates Campaign News, Lilongwe news

The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, supported by Born Free, rescues many animals every year from the illegal pet and bushmeat trades throughout Malawi. Although these are often well documented with stories and photos, the Centre...

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On the nose

23 April 2012

Categories: Primates Campaign News, Homepage News

Conservation requires reliable, and often detailed, information, so were very excited to see the preliminary report from Bolhan Budeng, who we supported last year through our partnership with the Primate Society of Great...

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