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LAGA is an innovative and award winning non-governmental organisation (NGO), focussing on wildlife law enforcement in Cameroon. LAGA works with government authorities to capture and prosecute dealers in protected wildlife species, especially those trading in bushmeat and ivory. It was founded by the charismatic and unstoppable Ofir Drori in 2002 and has been supported by Born Free ever since.

A wildlife dealer protests © LAGA
A wildlife dealer protests © LAGA

From a baseline of zero prosecutions under Cameroon’s wildlife law before LAGA began its work, each week now sees the arrest of an illegal wildlife dealer and around 87% of these are placed behind bars from the moment of arrest, with no bail granted. Prosecutions have reached the maximum jail term allowed under Cameroonian law and damages awarded have reached more than $100,000. Information regarding LAGA’s law enforcement work is disseminated through TV, radio and written press at an average of one piece a day. The model which Ofir and his colleagues have developed and which is spreading across the continent is considered by many, as numerous and prestigious awards illustrate, to be one of the most important developments in conservation in the last decade.

LAGA's Ofir Drori examining seized wildlife parts © Jean Francois Lagrot
LAGA's Ofir Drori examining seized wildlife parts © Jean Francois Lagrot

By exposing previously unpublicised wildlife crime and corruption, LAGA highlights the use of law enforcement as a deterrent to poachers and dealers, whilst educating the public about wildlife conservation. With activities ranging from undercover investigations through to arrests, prosecutions and media follow-up, LAGA’s comprehensive work-plan requires significant funds to maintain the high level of activity that it has achieved to date.

See below for some reports and footage of the amazing work being conducted by LAGA:

LAGA Annual report 2013

LAGA First Quarter report 2013

LAGA Annual Report 2012

Read an interview with Ofir here >

Meet Ofir Drori

In October 2012, Ofir paid a rare visit to the UK Born Free offices to meet the Born Free staff. During his visit he took the time to sit down and film the below interview with Will Travers.

LAGA in Action

Some of the LAGA footage exposing illegal trade in wildlife currently viewable on You Tube.

Shocking image of a hand of a poached gorilla. Note the resemblance to a human hand. This is a seizure from a LAGA wildlife law enforcement operation against an ape dealer.The dealer was later prosecuted.

Successful LAGA ivory operation on a renowned dealer in Douala trading in illegal ivory.This is the second time the dealer has been caught with illegal ivory products in the Port of Douala.

More footage available here:

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