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Chikondi and Cosmas
Cosmas and Chikondi
Chikondi asleep,  top, with Shadi and Pumpkin!!
Chikondi asleep, top, with Shadi and Pumpkin!!

Baby vervet Chikondi ("Love").

This 2 week old monkey was found abandoned in Kafue National Park all alone, extremely dehydrated and malnourished - her mother we suspect killed by poachers. ZPP's Project Manager, Cosmos Mumba, took this vulnerable unweaned baby under his wing, feeding her every 2 hours on baby milk formula and caring for her round the clock as she needed the closeness of a 'surrogate parent' to help her overcome the trauma of losing her mother.

Once stabilised she was then transferred to Chipembele, in the Luangwa Valley, for intensive care and rehabilitation. Chikondi joins other primate orphans being cared for there prior to their release back to the wild, and she has quickly made new friends of her own kind.

Aided by Born Free and our supporters, to date our amazing colleagues at GRI-ZPP have rescued and rehabilitated 550 monkeys back to the wild.

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