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What Cosmas does best


Cosmas Mumba, Project Manager of Zambia Primate Project (ZPP), has undertaken another moving rescue. ZPP, established in 2002 with the support of Born Free, confiscated a baby vervet monkey being sold on the side of the road in Zambia.


Thanks to a massive team effort, Cosmas ZPP flew baby Myk, the very day after his rescue, to South Luangwa National Park in eastern Zambia, with the internal flight kindly sponsored by Proflight. The baby rested calmly  on Cosmas’s chest throughout the entire flight - we wonder what the safari-bound passengers thought! Myk is now being weaned by Anna Tolan at the Born Free-supported Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust.

Photo -ZPP

Anna met Cosmas off the plane and Myk was handed over into her care. He was fine, very lively and biting! He is currently sleeping  with Anna each night as he would with his real mother in the wild. He has already met Pebbles, one of Chipembele’s released vervets who is very maternal and she hugged him tight and is already taking him under her wing!

Once ready, Myk will be released back to the wild with other rescued monkeys as part of ZPP’s annual release programme. We are so proud of ZPP's commitment to primate rescue and release in Zambia.

You can help

If you’d like to help support  ZPP’s life-affirming work please send your donations.

Latest Update on Myk

We were delighted to receive the following pictures of Myk, who is settling in well at Chipembele with others of his own kind.

Myk meets Frankie, Pebbles and Brad
Myk meets Frankie, Pebbles and Brad
Holly is a small female, but carries Myk under her tummy, just like a real mother would.
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