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Conservation in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Gorilla monitoring ©KBNP
Gorilla monitoring ©KBNP

Despite significant challenges over the years, Kahuzi-Biega National Park has continued to operate, in large part due to the dedication of the ICCN* park staff, led by Park Director Radar Nishuli.

Born Free has financially supported the park since 2000, providing funds for vital infrastructure, vehicles and equipment, as well as for the community conservation committees on the park boundary. Funds are presently being used to support the protection of ten distinct eastern lowland gorilla groups on the eastern side of the park. Work is focused on gorilla identification, monitoring and health checks. Two groups are presently being habituated to human presence: the Mpungwe and the Chimanuka family groups. In comparison with previous years, only two young gorillas were found trapped in metal snares in 2013 (and both were successfully released), suggesting that regular monitoring of the gorillas has helped protect them.

Health monitoring team removing wire snare from a gorilla © KBNP
Health monitoring team removing wire snare from a gorilla © KBNP

* The Congolese Institute for nature Conservation

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