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26 February 2018

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Why is it important to provide new homes for wildlife?

Wild animals have many complex physical, psychological and social needs that cannot be properly met within a domestic or inappropriate captive environment. Many of the animals rescued at Ensessa Kotteh have been taken from the wild as infants and then they have been subjected to an environment that runs contrary to their basic needs.

If we take the example of Aradha, the gelada (pictured), she arrived at the centre as a juvenile with a rope tied around her neck to a horse and cart. A gelada like her should be living in the Ethiopian highlands, with limitless space and within a large social group of her own kind, eating a diet rich in grasses, herbs and seeds. Aradha was taken from the wild, kept on her own with only humans for company and fed a diet which includes sweets, injera (Ethiopian bread) and salted seeds. Now Aradha is at Enssessa Kotteh, she is part of a large social group, has a better diet and the potential for release back to the wild in the future.

It is important to provide sanctuary for victims of the wildlife trade because from the moment they are taken from the wild these animals are denied their basic needs. As a consequence they develop serious physical and psychological problems that can take many years to cure, in some cases they are left permanently damaged from the experience. Sanctuaries like Enssessa Kotteh offer a chance for these animals to enjoy as natural a life as possible, and ultimately receive the chance to go back to the wild, where all wild animals belong.   

Paul Reynolds (Animal Care Officer)

Your kind support has sustained our operation to provide a home for animals kept in horrendous situations. Animals destined to be sold into the illegal wildlife trade are given a second chance at our Ensessa Kotteh Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre.

Zelealem Tefera (Country Manager)

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