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Born Free’s Moray Firth dolphin Muddy has new calf

30 August 2017

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Born Free is welcoming a new arrival – a new baby for its much-loved adopted dolphin Muddy.

Muddy lives in the Moray Firth, off the north coast of Scotland, which is home to 500 bottlenose dolphins protected by the Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit (CRRU). Supported by Born Free, CRRU researches and monitors whales and dolphins in the region, and provides veterinary treatment.

Muddy’s new calf, which is still too young to be identified as a boy or girl, was first spotted in May and is thought to have been born in October 2016. This is Muddy’s seventh calf.

Dr Kevin Robinson, CRRU lead researcher, said: “We estimate Muddy gave birth last October as when we saw her last in September 2016 she only had her older calf Hiccup with her. The baby is officially called CRRU ID#643 but we’re sure Born Free supporters can come up with something far better!”

Born Free has now launched a competition to find a name for Muddy’s new calf. The competition is exclusively open to all Muddy adopters.

To adopt Muddy and to find out more about her family and life in the Moray Firth, see

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