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Mwera Secondary School

Beach clean up team
Beach clean up team

Situated in Mwera ward, Pangani District the school caters for students from four villages. This school is linked with Sea Sense which has been supported by Born Free since 2001.

Sea Sense’s work is carried out in close collaboration with coastal communities, helping to change attitudes towards sea turtle conservation.  There has been a dramatic reduction in egg poaching as a result. Sea turtles have been under increasing pressure over the last century, resulting in three of the seven species being classified as critically endangered.

Students: 315

Age range: 13-18 years

Male: female ratio: 1:1

Partners since: 2015

Local wildlife/environmental challenges:

  1. Water & sanitation (drought, pollution etc.);
  2. Human-wildlife conflict ;
  3. Livestock;
  4. Illegal activities (illegal fishing practices, poaching etc.);
  5. Unsustainable harvesting (deforestation etc.);
  6. Habitat degradation (siltation etc.);
  7. Sea level rise causing high rate of beach erosion 

Key achievements in 2015/16:

  1. A student field trip to see sea turtle nesting beaches has enhanced the students’ understanding and appreciation for their local wildlife;
  2. The students have been taking part in community events to raise awareness about habitat protection within the wider community;
  3. Student beach and street clean-up activities have reduced the litter and raised further awareness amongst the community;
  4. Mangrove replanting was undertaken by students to try and regenerate this vital but degraded local habitat.
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