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Khayakhulu Primary School

(C)BF South Africa

Located in Paterson near the Shamwari Wildlife Reserve, Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, this school is a long-time partner of Born Free South Africa. Born Free’s two sanctuaries for rescued lions and leopards are set within Shamwari’s award-winning wildlife reserve.  There is also an education centre at each sanctuary where school-children and visitors are taught about the plight of captive wildlife and the need to conserve wildlife where it belongs – in the wild.

Students: 451

Age range: 9-13 years

Male: female ratio: 1:1

Local wildlife/environmental challenges:

  1. Water & sanitation (drought, pollution etc.);
  2. Poverty & infrastructure

Key achievements in 2014/15:

  1. Provision of school laptop to assist the teachers in lesson preparation

Key achievements in 2015/16:

  1. Water tanks, garden tools and fencing helped the school to establish and maintain a vegetable garden, as well as preventing livestock from entering the grounds.

Key achievements in 2016/17

  1. Concrete flooring in 2 of the schools’ 8 classrooms are helping to reduce the potential health  hazard of learning in dusty classrooms, increasing the student’s ability to concentrate on their studies. However, shortly after laying it, it came to light that the concrete was not as hard wearing as expected and damage has already been seen – we are reassessing the options for the further 6 classrooms.
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