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Sandisulwazi High School

(c) BF South Africa

Located in Paterson near the Shamwari Wildlife Reserve, Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, this school is a long-time partner of Born Free South Africa. Born Free’s two sanctuaries for rescued lions and leopards are set within Shamwari’s award-winning wildlife reserve.  There is also an education centre at each sanctuary where school-children and visitors are taught about the plight of captive wildlife and the need to conserve wildlife where it belongs – in the wild.

Students: 320

Age range: 13-20

Male: female ratio: 1:1

Local wildlife/environmental challenges:

  1. Waste disposal/recycling including sanitation;
  2. Water shortages/conservation;
  3. Detrimental myths about certain species, e.g. Owls

NB: All of these are amplified by poverty

Key achievements in 2014/15:

  1. All the students now have desks and chairs 
  2. Bins were provided leading to reduced litter at the school and students becoming more aware of the effects of littering. The environment club was able to help raise awareness about the importance of proper waste management.

2015/16 funding:

  • Water tanks, pumps and plumbing training will help tackle the clean water supply issues faced by the school in order to provide the school and students with clean water to drink and for the garden.
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