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Ng'onzini Primary School

(c)BF Kenya

Located on the edge of the Mwalagangi Elephant Reserve in Kenya, 50km south west of Mombasa, Ng'onzini Primary School has been working with the Born Free Kenya team for many years.

Kenya is of historical significance to the Born Free Foundation and is the reason why Born Free Kenya was established. Born Free Kenya protects wild animals through de-snaring, wildlife monitoring and human-wildlife conflict mitigation projects, while working with communities and local partners to change attitudes and policies, working to ensure a safe and thriving future for Kenya’s magnificent wildlife.

Students: 560

Age range: 4-18

Male: female ratio: 1:1

Local wildlife/environmental challenges:

  1. Wildfire and drought leading to soil erosion and are both dangerous and destructive;
  2. Poor sanitation leading to parasitic infections; 
  3. Livestock entering the school compound and destroying trees and the garden.

Key achievements in 2014/15:

  1. Library repairs were carried out so that it was fit for use, to assist the students and wildlife club with their studies;
  2. Energy saving stoves were repaired which reduced firewood consumption, reducing the conflict with local wildlife for the scarce resources;
  3. Support for the environmental club, and their tree planting programme, has allowed them to create awareness among the students about tree planting and the importance of biodiversity as well and increasing the number of trees at the school.

2015/16 funding:

Fencing for the school compound to prevent livestock entering and destroying the trees and garden and reducing conflict.

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