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Lenkisem School

(C)BF Kenya

This boarding school is located 25km from Amboseli National park in southern Kenya and has strong links with the team and work of Born Free Kenya.

Kenya is of historical significance to the Born Free Foundation and is the reason why Born Free Kenya was established. Born Free Kenya protects wild animals through de-snaring, wildlife monitoring and human-wildlife conflict mitigation projects, while working with communities and local partners to change attitudes and policies, working to ensure a safe and thriving future for Kenya’s magnificent wildlife.

Students: 233

Age range: 14-24

Male: female ratio: 3:1

Local wildlife/environmental challenges:

  1. Land degradation due to overstocking with livestock
  2. Human-wildlife conflict
  3. Water and sanitation related diseases

Key achievements in 2014/15:

  1. Formation of an Environmental club and installation of dustbins is helping to keep the school clean and preventing litter from the school from having a negative impact on the surrounding land and wildlife;
  2. Repair of pit latrines, installation of hand washing points and a sanitation campaign helped to improve hygiene and reduced the chances of infections allowing the students to focus more on their education.

2015/16 funding:

  • A water tank will provide clean water for the students.
  • Support for the wildlife club will allow them to learn about their local wildlife.
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