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Ol Moti Primary School

(C)BF Kenya

Founded in 1981 Ol Moti is a boarding school location in the Rift Valley province, Kajiado district (at the foot of it Mount Kilimanjaro), 7km from Amboseli National Park with strong links to Born Free Kenya.

Kenya is of historical significance to the Born Free Foundation and is the reason why Born Free Kenya was established. Born Free Kenya protects wild animals through de-snaring, wildlife monitoring and human-wildlife conflict mitigation projects, while working with communities and local partners to change attitudes and policies, working to ensure a safe and thriving future for Kenya’s magnificent wildlife.

Students: 400

Age range: 4-18 years

Male: female ratio: 3:2

Partners since: 2005

Local wildlife/environmental challenges:

  1. Human-wildlife conflict;
  2. Livestock

Key achievements in 2014/15:

  1. Support for the environmental club & provision of dustbins helped to keep the school clean and prevent litter impacting the local wildlife, club members also created awareness on the importance of keeping the school clean and encouraging the rest of the students to take care of the trees at the school;
  2. Mosquito nets are helping to reduce malaria incidents and thus giving children a chance to concentrate in their studies.

Key achievements in 2015/16:

  1. Girl’s dormitory drainage system and hand washing points renovated to increase hygiene and student health allowing them to concentrate on their studies;
  2. Support for the wildlife club as well as computer and printer repairs to assist in the student’s environmental studies.

Key achievements in 2016/17:

  1. Provision of diesel for the water borehole pump – to pump water for elephants - reducing the number of elephants entering the school grounds, helping to tackle conflict between the elephants and the students.

2017/18 funding:

  1. Maintenance: Ol Moti use solar energy to power their school, after a while the batteries used to store the energy degrade; therefore replacements are needed to ensure a consistent power supply for the school’s activities, including lighting to help students complete their homework.
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