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“Njobvu, Ndakusowa - Elephant, I Miss You”

6 June 2017

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Born Free’s long term partners the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust have just released this innovative new film, “Elephant, I Miss You”

“Long ago, great giants lived here. They were magnificent creatures.  But…we killed them all……” 

The film speaks of one old man’s memory of the first and only time he saw an elephant as a boy in his village in Malawi, and follows the impact that poaching elephants to extinction had on his community over the next 60 years.  

The aim is to promote elephant protection and the importance of Malawi’s natural heritage amongst a large cross section of society. With the support of local musician Lawi and his grandfather, as well Born Free’s Global Friends Programme, AAP, the Tusk Trust and film maker Julian Braatvedt, this film is set to reach over 15,000 people in the next three months alone.

Kate Moore from the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust reminds us that while the international media tell stories of Elephant’s on the brink of extinction “it is the stories of damaged crops and trampled people that are most salient for communities here in Malawi.  ‘Nyama’ is the Chichewa word used for both ‘meat’ and ‘animal’, and ‘chirombo’, which means pest, is often used to describe wild animals. The prevailing cultural belief is that they are God-given resources that will never run out”.  

Kate goes on to tell us that the film “was made to challenge this view, using the story-telling tradition combined with facts-based education. We hope it will stimulate discussion as well as pride in the country’s natural heritage that in turn would support wider conservation efforts”.  This highlights the importance of this project to help communities understand the truth about wildlife and the impact dwindling numbers will have on us all.

This film has also just been featured on both National Geographic’s “A Voice For Elephants” blog as well as national television in Malawi.

To help initiatives like this please support our Global Friends Programme.

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