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Democratic Republic of Congo - Anga (POPOF) Primary School

POPOF school

Situated within Miti, Kivu, near Kahuzi Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this school has a long history with Born Free and the Pole Pole Foundation.

POPOF was set up by gorilla tourist guide John Kahekwa, who recognised the pressure that was being placed on the Kahuzi Biega National Park’s natural resources by the local community.  The aim of the Foundation is to improve relations between the park and the community by offering employment and training to former poachers, as well as by providing development support to schools and small businesses. The Born Free Foundation has supported a variety of projects in Kahuzi Biega National Park since 2000.

Students: 386

Age range: 4-12 years

Male: female ratio: 3:2

Local wildlife/environmental challenges:

  1. Water & sanitation (drought, pollution etc.);
  2. Human-wildlife conflict;
  3. Livestock;
  4. Illegal activities (illegal fishing practices, poaching etc.);
  5. Unsustainable harvesting (deforestationetc.);
  6. Habitat degradation (situation etc.);
  7. Hunting with dogs

Key achievements in 2014/15:

  1. Global Friends did not fund Anga Primary School in 2014/15

Key achievements in 2015/16:

    1. The replacement of rotten poles and planks in some of the school buildings as well as old leaking irons ensured that they are safe for the students to use;
    2. Environment reference books for the library assisted the students both with their studies as well as environment club activities;
    3. Field trips were organised for some of the students to enable them to visit the local wildlife (including gorillas) and start to understand how people and wildlife can and must live together.

    Key achievements in 2016/17:

    1. Support for field visits by the POPF team ensured the continued engagement of the community around Anga Primary School in an effort to significantly reduce the consumption and the trade of bush meat and promote tree planting as a sustainable fuel source.
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