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Canned Hunting March - 13th March 2015

Born Free joined the Campaign Against Canned Hunting at a protest in Trafalgar Square in London on Friday 13 March as part of the Global March for Lions taking place in cities around the world.

Hundreds of people attended the protests from across the UK and Europe. Dominic Dyer Policy Advisor at the Born Free Foundation made a keynote speech at the protest focusing on the desperate plight of Africa‚Äôs lions.

He told the protest that it is estimated that only 25,000 wild lions remain in Africa in 23% of the territory they once inhabited. From habitat loss to human - wildlife conflict and hunting the African lion is facing a battle on all sides to survive

He also pointed out that the cruel canned lion hunting business in South Africa is not protecting wild lions and could in fact be driving them even faster to the verge of extinction

The protest ended with a peaceful gathering outside the South African Embassy where a petition was handed in calling on the South African Government to shut down the canned hunting business.

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