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Film Synopsis

Set in a rural village bordering a National Park in Kenya, MIZOGA (Kiswahili for ‘Carcasses’) is Born Free’s exciting new Kenyan film, which explores the complex issues surrounding the illegal commercial trade in meat from wild animals, also known as bushmeat.

Initially unsure whether they should help the Wildlife Service to protect wildlife or side with the commercial bushmeat traders, the villagers soon realise the severity of the issue when a devastating disease, caused by consuming bushmeat, breaks out in the community.

Dik Dik bushmeat victims
Victims of the trade

'Mizoga' - the beginning

In 2003, Born Free was kindly given a grant by the Animal Welfare Institute to support community conservation education in Africa. We decided to try a different approach to conservation education,and the bushmeat trade in Kenya was identified as an issue which could benefit from an awareness raising programme.

The project aimed to:

  • Clearly illustrate the issues surrounding the bushmeat trade
  • Raise awareness on the implications of the trade
  • Ultimately lead to changes in people's attitudes and behaviour towards wildlife

The immense threat to wildlife that the commercial bushmeat trade constitutes, spurred Born Free to commission Kenyatta University Travelling Theatre Group to write and produce Mizoga. However, rural reaction to the play was so positive, that it quickly became clear this important message needed to be taken to a wider audience.

Now, with Mizoga available as a film on DVD, Born Free believes that its message can entertain and educate far and wide. Indeed, with a fully functional mobile film unit ( MFU) funded by Anne Kent-Taylor Born Free will travel across Kenya showing Mizoga to many rural communities. Recently, the MFU showed the film to over 2,000 people living around Tsavo National Park – the area in which Mizoga was filmed.

Watch the film here

For a report on the April-September 2007 Mizoga screeningsMizoga film distribution: April-September 2007

Quotes about Mizoga

Guest of honour, Dr Noah Wekesa

As guest of honour at the film’s Nairobi Premiere on 24th August 2006, the Hon. Dr. Noah Wekesa, Minister for Education, Science & Technology said:

“This film is to be welcomed. Utilising the skills of Kenyan writers, actors and film-makers, and supported by the Born Free Foundation, a long-term friend of Kenya, it is a cost-effective way of introducing this serious issue in an entertaining way that will engage urban and rural audiences alike. It is also hoped that this film will do more than just inform – it will motivate a change in lifestyle.”

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